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Santiago Gudino

Your boy is a So Cal Local that makes shit happen!!!

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My Story

My name is Santiago Gudiño currently 21 years old. A little bit about myself, to be honest my passion for BMX wasn’t instant. It was actually originally the backup plan that i didn’t even know I had. My first passion in life was motocross at around 8 years old I started realizing how much I loved to go fast as well as do stunts or anything for that matter to feel some sort of adrenaline. My confirmation was seeing Robby Maddison one year on New Years pull off a gnarly stunt. That’s when i kinda knew what I wanted to be doing in life.

Soon enough I got a dirt bike on Christmas Day and long story short I only rode it once out of 5 years because my folks and I realized how expensive it is to pursue a career in motocross. So… one day I came across Bmx posts on Instagram and would always see bikes at my local skatepark which at the time was known as Chula Vista skatepark but now known as Len Moore skatepark. The day came where I asked my folks on my birthday if we could sell my dirt bike and if I can get a Bmx bike instead because it just seemed more realistic at the time. 

Now here I am years deep in Bmx, Bmx quickly became my new passion and as hard as tricks were I’d fall 100x and keep trying because I would see the pros pull up to the park and all eyes would be on them and jaws would be dropped and all I knew was I wanted to know what that felt like. To this day anyone who’s ridden with me knows 70% of my sessions are me still on the floor but this sport isn’t always a breeze and that’s why I love it. Not to mention the memories that come with this sport are priceless. Shout out to the homies who always push me to be better, wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for the right motivation.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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